As far as we’re concerned, it’s all about being at your best, all of the time. Your business identity design is one of the most important parts of your brand. There are other things involved in generating a great ‘brand experience’, but what we’re here to help you with is great strategy and design.

We’re here to get you standing out from your competition and showing off a great identity that’s unique to you. A successful brand identity is one that attracts the right sorts of people to your business.

When we’re designing, you’ll be glad to know we think about your business in quite a lot of depth! We consider who you are, what you want to say and who you want to appeal to. We also bear in mind how you’ll want to use your identity in the future.

With all of these strategic elements explored, we’re on the right road to creating you the brand identity you deserve.


We’ve got the all important logo looking it’s best and we’re now starting to look at the identity on a wider scale. We’ll begin to introduce typefaces, colour palettes and layouts into the mix. From these decisions, we can start to build up an individual brand guideline for you, explaining how you would best deliver your new brand to your audience.


Your visual identity should then be applied to everything that represents your business, strengthening the brand and allowing people to start recognising you. We’ll help you make your identity work on both a print and digital level.


I know we go on about it a lot, but consistency really is key. Having visual unity between social media accounts, print communications, web presence etc. is very important! After all, it becomes quite confusing for audience if you don’t. A good first impression will cement a positive image of your company in your audience’s mind. Whether consciously or not, the more your lovely brand is seen, the more the audience is likely to remember you. Trust us. We’ll help you draw attention to your brand for all the right reasons!

What They’re Saying

“Phil and Jenny are always superb to deal with. Sadly it can be rare to meet people who are very passionate about their business and how they do it - but I can honestly say that Phil and Jenny stand out from the crowd.”

Gina CampbellPlan and Protect Solutions

“The quality time and deep thought process that they took when helping me recently with my marketing was really appreciated.”

Gina CampbellPlan and Protect Solutions

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the ongoing design work you have, and continue to complete for NUBA Health.

As a start-up and a new brand in the market place, your values of memorable, consistent and constant are absolutely key as we try to build a reputation and differentiate ourselves in the vibrant food and drinks industry in Manchester.”

Hannah OsmanNUBA Health

“Somehow you were able to literally download the image from my head and develop it into the logo that represents our company. Thanks again!”

Lee StanmoreStanmore Groundworks

“I first contacted Neave Creative as I wanted to produce an eye catching mail shot that I could send out to potential customers adversing one of my products.

The attention to detail and the way Phil & Jenny worked with us, modifying the design as we went along, was a cut above the service I have been offered by other designers in the past.”

Matt ArdernAshley Cleaning Supplies

“Thanks again to everyone at Neave Creative for your hard work, always a speedy response and superb service.You really help me showcase my business and you really have made the vision of my brand come true, so thank you. ”

Gina CampbellPlan and Protect Solutions

“Although it was a huge decision to redesign the website and the packaging, I have been so pleased with all the results and feel that the business now has a consistent brand that is reflected through all our communication channels and represents our values and target audience. Thanks to you both!”

Hannah OsmanNUBA Health

“I approached Neave Creative for advice when I was initially researching my options for my new business. Phil was not only supportive of my idea but suggested ways of making the business work, the types of marketing and business development I could do - plus some useful contacts.”

Toni NaylorProofessional

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neave Creative to anyone, particularly this starting a business. ”

Toni NaylorProofessional

“I am thrilled with our final designs and have exactly the brand that I was looking for. Not only that, but Phil continues to support and guide me with my new venture.

Working with Neave Creative has and continues to be an absolute pleasure.”

Toni NaylorProofessional

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil at Neave Creative for your professional and enthusiastic approach when working with me and my company’s brand requirements. You are clearly a very talented and creative individual!”

Philip Peter JesseThe Economic Catalyst Group

“We have recently used Neave Creative to produce an interface design for an app we are developing for a client.

The brief in this case was sparse to say the least but despite this, Neave Creative have ben able to produce designs that the client is very happy with.”

David BroomheadDouble Zero Solutions

“Neave Creative immediately offered to help, your sensitivity and pragmatic approach for fixing things for me has been brilliant. The things you have created and altered are both in keeping with, and compliment my existing theme and branding.”

Lesley KayParallax Consultancy

“Your work has been accurate and prompt, in formats that I can view easily and can also pass easily to my printer.”

Lesley KayParallax Consultancy

“Neave creative have produced the prefect logo for Prime Photographic. The design is memorable, bold and simple on the surface; yet it represents an underlying complexity that intrinsically reflects our operations and photographic processes.”

David AddisonPrime Photographic

“It is truly an elite design that has added tremendous value to Prime Photographic. With our brand now possessing a premium look and feel, we have been able to attract new customers and expand into markets in which our previous brand would have looked out of place.”

David AddisonPrime Photographic

“As well as creating an amazing logo; from a personal perspective, Phil and Jenny also created a friendly, engaging environment and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Neave Creative and look forward to working with them again soon.”

David AddisonPrime Photographic

“As well as creating an amazing logo; from a personal perspective, Phil and Jenny also created a friendly, engaging environment and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Neave Creative and look forward to working with them again soon.”

Liz GoochManor Pet Housing

“I approached Neave Creative to help us with our branding as the company came highly recommended.

Neave Creative helped me by providing a fast, efficient and knowledgeable service. The result was A* graphics, banners, adverts, promotional products, personalised clothing and business stationery. ”

Liz GoochManor Pet Housing

“One thing I liked was their attention to detail and always out to get the best result for me. On several occasions going out for their way to provide the best service.

I found the experience working with Neave Creative faultless and will continue to work with them in years to come.”

Liz GoochManor Pet Housing

“I would highly recommend Neave Creative to anyone who is wanting to grow their business with the aid of a professional yet approachable company.”

Liz GoochManor Pet Housing